Influence Yield All Season Long

A good precision program thrives when it is proactive, rather than reactive. Centra Sota’s Yield Quest “in-season” package maximizes the crop that’s currently growing in the field.

In-Season planning starts with you at on-farm meetings following crop emergence. Centra Sota’s agronomic and precision teams will recommend tools to ensure improved decision-making about side dressing and other application as the crop is taking off. The plan includes crop imagery, tissue sampling and in-season nutrient modeling.

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Services to match need

Services Included:

  • Post emergence – crop health evaluation / PogoStick stand assessment
  • Early/mid-growing season – consultation + training on precision tools
  • Imagery access via Winfield’s R7 precision software
  • Predictive crop yield monitoring with Field Forecasting Tool
  • Tissue sampling – geo referenced tissue samples for plant N levels
  • In-field observations + reporting crop performance

Grower Tools Included:

  • Create your own detailed + geo-referenced field scouting reports with this handy iPad compatible application
  • R7 – constantly updated satellite imagery and field data to discover in field variability
  • Field Monitoring Tool – keep a running tab on how each field is progressing and which ones need more agronomic attention
  • Field Forecasting Tool – crop modeling tool to better determine optimal time + rates for nutrients + water applications in-season

What you get

Real Numbers

Sometimes it takes boots on-the-ground to determine what’s really going on. That’s why the in-field, geo referenced collection of plant tissue samples is a critical component. Ground-truthing nitrogen models tells you where your crop stands at critical points in the growing season.

In-Season Management

Are you guessing at the right amount of N for your corn crop? Did you get it right? Too much? Too little? with Centra Sota’s Field Forecasting Tool, you’ll have answers. Your Yield Quest agronomic advisor will run in-season nitrogen models on corn and silage acres.

View From Above

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then insights from in-season crop imagery could be worth 1,000s of dollars. Satellite imagery is constantly updated and field data from Winfield’s R7 precision software tool is provided on each field.

POGO Stick

No. PogoStick is not a throwback toy from the 1970’s. Developed by Precision Planting, PogoStick tracks final stand counts and plant population to diagnose planter and emergence issues. A PogoStick sampling of fields is included with a detailed report of suggested improvements.