On the Farm Talks with local Growers

Local growers tell their precision ag and technology stories in commercials sponsored by Centra Sota Cooperative/Yield Quest and its Technology Services. The commercials are being cross-promoted by innovation and technology partners, Farmobile and Premier Crop Systems.

RACHAEL DAHLMAN, DAHLMAN FARMS …  Rachael Dahlman, a WinField United seed + agronomy advisor, partners with Centra Sota to provide ScoutPro services. Rachel is a member of Dahlman Farms in Cokato, MN, owned and operated by brothers Kevin and Dwayne. You’ll hear the farm’s story this summer, but here’s why Rachael values Centra Sota/Yield Quest:

“I think the part that really makes Yield Quest different or exciting is the fact that it’s a local program. We’re bringing in different sources like Farmobile, we use Premier Crop. It’s not just about the platform, but it’s more what is the grower’s needs and what can we (Yield Quest) do to help them be able to use technology better and make better decisions for their farm.”

Visit the blog to hear more stories from the growers in our area.

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