On the Farm Talks with local Growers

Local growers tell their precision ag and technology stories in commercials sponsored by Centra Sota Cooperative/Yield Quest and its Technology Services. The commercials are being cross-promoted by innovation and technology partners, Farmobile and Premier Crop Systems.

MIKE KRCIL, KRCIL FARMS … Brothers Mike and Mark Krcil farm in partnership near Glencoe, MN. Back in 2002, they started yield mapping as their “first data collection” starting point. Today, they are huge proponents of data and having a digital + technology strategy. You’ll hear their story this summer, but this is what Mike says about Centra Sota/Yield Quest

“It’s helped us develop our acres into a lot bigger potential than what we had before. Being able to not only collect the data, but put it through some other software systems and come back with quality recommendations that … has worked very well for us to lump all of that data together and get something usable out of it.”

Visit the blog to hear more stories from the growers in our area.

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